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SEO is the hidden competitive advantage propelling Perth businesses. We’re Perth’s leading SEO agency delivering results-focused, bespoke SEO services to help businesses of all sizes get noticed on Google and win! Supercharge sales growth and boost revenue fast with increased organic traffic to your website.

Why PWD is the perfect solution for SEO in Perth

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Accelerate growth today by selecting the right SEO agency to manage the entire process for you. We’ll work with your team to understand your business, then deliver a customised, high-impact strategy for SEO success.

The PWD Difference:

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  • No restrictive, inflexible contracts.
  • Only proven results for Perth companies.

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“Since working with PWD they’ve shown me how a web design company can make things easy and come up with innovative ideas.”

Steve Sell – Loans 123


“We get a tremendous more amount of enquiry into our company. They’ve always been caring, interested, had fabulous ideas and motivated, it’s just a really great company to deal with.”

Sue – Kitchen Capital


“The thing I enjoy most about working with PWD is the one-on-one contact and knowing what’s happening tomorrow and being updated regularly on what has been done on a daily basis.”

Aaron – Renew Energy


“We got to Page 1 and it was instantaneous combustion from page 1 and we’ve been on Page 1 ever since. The business then took off…!”

Wayne – Lifestyle Wardrobes


“We’ve grown as a company, I’d say probably over 50% in 12 months purely through my investment with PWD.”

Lee – HCS Cleaning


“Oliver’s team has been really easy to get along with… I can’t recommend them highly enough”

Rod – Pallet West


What is SEO? 🚀 Perth’s #1 SEO Agency Explains SEO 🥇
We’re different to the other Perth SEO Agencies that you’ve worked with

Our SEO services are part of an ongoing relationship with your business. We value long-term client relationships with local Perth businesses, based on delivering successful SEO campaigns that get results. With over 15 years’ experience in Perth SEO, we’ve refined our approach to building your online presence. Our team of Perth SEO specialists can quickly understand the strategy that will achieve the optimal SEO results for your business, delivering maximum ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation is a minefield dotted with SEO agents that promise the world yet fail to deliver any meaningful ROI. The high-impact results that we’ve achieved for Perth businesses are the rule, not the exception. In fact, most of our new clients are referral based, so we know that we’re doing something right for local Perth companies.


We use a data-driven approach to discover the perfect target market for your business – the exact audience that is buying, not window shopping! Then, we develop a high-impact SEO strategy to capture traffic from this exact audience. We combine proven SEO methods, developed over many years with the very latest SEO technology and class-leading tools. Over 15 years’ experience dedicated to Perth SEO provides us with a compelling short-cut over some of our newer, less experienced SEO Perth competition.


Choosing a Perth SEO Agency
How we’re different to traditional Perth SEO agencies

Real results, no lock-in contracts

We deliver results that move the needle, not expensive lock-in contracts – the type of results that your business will notice every week, as your organic traffic steadily increases. Our transparent approach with clear reporting allows you to track your organic growth at every stage. We’re the trusted partner that’s helped over 500 Perth businesses increase their search visibility and supercharge sales growth with measurable results.

Proven local SEO Experts that you can trust

We’ve been helping Perth businesses maximise digital marketing ROI with Search Engine Optimisation since ‘2005. Our unique understanding of the Perth SEO market allows us to deliver exceptional results that we’re proud to share. We can help your company with every step of the SEO process from start to finish.

Powerful SEO solutions for long-term growth

The price of paid PPC advertising is increasing every day as competition skyrockets online. We’ll help your business show up on Google and capture website traffic without expensive ongoing AdWords campaigns. Search Engine Optimisation is an investment that can provide years of revenue growth for your business and deliver a unique competitive advantage. There’s never been a better time to improve your online presence and our full-service SEO solutions make it easier than ever.

Data-driven, ROI chasing SEO specialists

SEO best practices are rapidly evolving with important changes to Google’s search algorithm occurring overnight. The frenetic pace of Search Engine Optimisation makes it almost impossible for business owners to keep their finger on the pulse. We live and breathe SEO strategies so that you can get back to managing your business. Recover hours of your time by outsourcing every aspect of your SEO for our team to carefully manage. Focus on running your business while we make sure that your online presence is perfectly optimised for maximum exposure.

A Perth SEO Agency that actually cares about growing your business
We’ll help your business with every aspect of SEO

Local SEO

We’re a local business, so we understand the importance of showing up for local Perth clients. Our team can help optimise your local SEO and Google MyBusiness profile for the areas most important for your target audience. We’ll make sure that your local Perth SEO is positioned for long-term success.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO provides an indication to Google of the content, quality and user experience provided by your website. We’ll analyse the On-Page (technical) SEO of your site, enhance page loading speed, improve link structure, and optimise metadata. We also make sure that your site’s architecture is structured logically and accessible for crawling by Google.

Link Building & Off-Site SEO

Building site authority with high-quality backlinks through link building is a powerful Off-Site SEO strategy. We’ll help your business with compelling content, individual outreach and relevant directory listings to build an authoritative backlink profile for your business.

Research and Analytics

Developing a comprehensive understanding of who your clients are and how they’re interacting with your business is an important part of SEO. We’ll help you to understand your business like never before with powerful insights on client behaviour. Our team will work with you to identify the most potent keywords to maximise return on investment.

How we’re delivering SEO success for local Perth businesses
Our Proven SEO Process
Step 1:

Establish Business Goals

Every SEO strategy begins by discussing the growth that your business would like to achieve. We want to understand your business goals and the importance SEO will play in reaching those goals. Establishing growth targets early helps us to achieve precise alignment of SEO strategy with your unique business.

Step 2:

Comprehensive Website Audit

Our SEO team will undertake a comprehensive audit of your existing website to understand the current status and how you’re performing in organic search. We’ll consider loading speed, mobile accessibility, content gaps, and identify any opportunities for improvement.

Step 3:

Competitor and Industry Research

Developing a complete picture of the level of competition in your industry is vital for SEO success. We’ll analyse your industry as a whole and drill down on your strongest local SEO competitors. Competitor research allows us to understand the methods that are delivering results in your industry.

Step 4:

Keyword Research and Selection

We’ll use multiple keyword tools to identify the keywords that potential clients are using to find your products or services. We select the best SEO keywords that are associated with a high intention of purchase for maximum ROI. The 80/20 rule is particularly true for keyword research and selection. Higher quality keywords can produce a much larger ROI than lower quality keywords, even in smaller volumes.

Step 5

On-Page Optimisation (Technical SEO)

On-page optimisation is the process that we use to tweak all of your website’s technical aspects at an individual page level. When search engines view (crawl) your site the on-page data sends a signal that can affect your ranking. We’ll take steps to improve every aspect of your on-page SEO by increasing your loading speed, improving link structure, enhancing metadata and site architecture.

Step 6:

New Content Strategy (Targeted Content)

Using the optimum keywords that we’ve identified for your website we’ll design a new content strategy. Then, we’ll commence creating the perfect content to capture attention and drive high-conversion traffic to your website.

Step 7:

Link Analysis, Repair, and Building

Links to your website are an important factor in of your website’s position (rank) in search results. High-quality links demonstrate to Google that your content is important, relevant, and authoritative. We start by disconnecting your site from negative links that may be harming your performance. Then, we commence a link building campaign to generate safe, high-quality (white hat) backlinks for your site.

Networking is crucial to building a great presence in the offline business world. Guess what, link building plays a crucial role to online activities too. Building links to your website will see its popularity on Google shoot through the roof. In truth, it could be the secret weapon to gaining the online presence you desire.

Step 8:

Content Curation and Outreach

Creating new content that is valuable and relevant to your audience is a crucial piece of the SEO puzzle. Search Engine Optimisation is a war, not a battle, and long-term growth requires a persistent approach to content creation. We’ll design an ongoing content plan specific to your industry to continue building your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position.

Step 9:

Daily Tracking and Transparent Reporting

The most important part of your SEO investment is monitoring performance and ROI. We’ll track your organic search position across all of the keywords that we’ve optimised for daily. Every month we’ll provide you with a clear report that outlines the progress that we’re making for your business.






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